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GraphQL::Pro is a toolkit for the GraphQL Ruby gem. Take your schema to the next level!

Key Features

  • Authorization

    Add comprehensive, granular authorization to your schema. GraphQL::Pro combines several GraphQL features to provide runtime and ahead-of-time auth. GraphQL::Pro supports Pundit, CanCan and custom authorization strategies.

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    Authorization for graphql-ruby
  • Persisted Queries

    Secure and manage your schema with server-side .graphql documents. GraphQL::Pro::Repository executes predefined operations instead of arbitrary query strings.

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    Persisted Queries for graphql-ruby
  • Monitoring

    Improve visibility into your GraphQL runtime with GraphQL::Pro's instrumentation. GraphQL::Pro includes plugins for AppSignal, New Relic, Scout, and Skylight.

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    Performance monitoring for graphql-ruby
  • Advanced Cursors and IDs

    GraphQL::Pro includes stable, column-based cursors for ActiveRecord::Relations, as well as encryption for cursors and node IDs. Versioned encoders support an in-flight transition from one encoding scheme to another.

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  • Support

    As a GraphQL::Pro customer, you get direct access to the GraphQL Ruby gem creator and maintainer. Get prioritized support for issues and requests.

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When you buy GraphQL::Pro, you'll receive a custom URL for adding to your Gemfile. Add it, bundle install, and you're done! GraphQL::Pro requires GraphQL >1.4.5


GraphQL::Pro is continually maintained and improved. Sign up below to receive periodic updates about its development. Upgrading is free for current customers. To upgrade, bundle update graphql-pro!


GraphQL::Pro is licensed according to a special commercial license. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this license!

Refund Policy

If GraphQL::Pro doesn't work for you, just let us know by email within 14 days and we'll happily refund your purchase.


GraphQL::Pro documentation can be found with the GraphQL Ruby gem documentation

Problems, Questions?

Pro customers can open issue on GitHub or send an email to report bugs, ask questions or request features.