GraphQL::Enterprise includes systems for productionizing your GraphQL-Ruby API.

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Key Features

  • Rate Limiting

    Manage client access to your API based on server runtime or concurrent operations.

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    GraphQL API rate limiting for GraphQL-Ruby
  • Server-Side Caching

    Speed up your API with cached responses from GraphQL::Enterprise::ObjectCache. It supports public and private queries, TTLs, and key-based expiration.

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    Server-side caching for GraphQL-Ruby
  • Schema Versioning

    Continuously evolve your schema without disrupting existing traffic with GraphQL::Enterprise::Changesets. Manage releases and allow clients to pick their API version.

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    API Versioning for GraphQL-Ruby
  • Custom Billing and Licensing

    Need custom invoicing or modifications to the commercial license? Get in touch and we'll find a solution that works.

    Custom billing and licensing for GraphQL-Pro and GraphQL-Enterprise
  • Everything in GraphQL::Pro

    A GraphQL::Enterprise purchase also grants access to the GraphQL::Pro gem and everything it provides.



When you buy GraphQL::Enterprise, you'll receive a custom URL for adding to your Gemfile. Add it, bundle install, and you're done!


GraphQL::Enterprise is continually maintained and improved. Sign up below to receive periodic updates about its development. Upgrading is free for current customers. To upgrade, bundle update graphql-enterprise!


GraphQL::Enterprise is licensed according to a special commercial license. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this license!

Refund Policy

If GraphQL::Enterprise doesn't work for you, just let us know by email within 14 days and we'll happily refund your purchase.


GraphQL::Enterprise documentation can be found with the GraphQL Ruby gem documentation.

Problems, Questions?

Enterprise customers can open an issue on GitHub or send an email to report bugs, ask questions or request features.